Meet the Practitioners

Beth Koehler

Certified Life Coach, Licensed Massage Therapist,  Advanced Polarity Practitioner

At the Saco Healing Arts Center, Beth Koehler is a Whole Life Coach offering Massage for the Body, Empowerment Life Coaching for the Mind and Polarity Therapy and Reiki for the Spirit. She is able to help her clients realize their emotional, energetic and/or physicals blocks.

Drawing upon her talents as an active listener, her keen sense of asking the right question at the right time, her ability to perceive her clients energetic flow and blocks and her knowledge of the physical body, Beth can help on many levels. During your coaching sessions, you will begin to understand why you might feel stuck, are discouraged or are unhappy. Together, you will discover your hopes and dreams and realize that you have so much more power and control over your path than you might think. Your session may include talking and listening, homework, EFT, guided visualizations and time on the table for massage or energy work. You will begin to feel stronger at your core and from there; you can make different, more positive choices leading to your ability to manifest any goal. (more…)

Barbara Foss

Certified Hypnotist, Reiki, Kinetic Chain Release

I have been a Certified Clinical Hypnotist for the past 16 years and am registered to practice clinical hypnosis in the state of Maine through the National Guild of Hypnotists. Other modalities include Kinetic Chain Release, Reiki and Team Northrup offerings and nutritionals.

I am devoted to assisting my clients to build individual strength and self-sufficiency. I tailor my hypnosis and all individual sessions to meet clients’ needs, which may include Wellness, Metaphysical Healing and Releasement, Mental Massage, Happiness, Health and Success, Pregnancy, “Paradise for Dental Procedures”, Excellence in Golf, Super Kids and Past Life Regression to name a few. (more…)

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